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       from a dream to reality...      


Lang & Ivy was started locally in the province of Quebec to provide high quality remedy-based skincare. Our products are made using certified organic naturally occurring ingredients that are sourced with the utmost attention and care. By applying scientific knowledge to all of our formulations, we offer products that are extremely effective, hypoallergenic and gentle when applied to the skin.


Behind the scenes at Lang & Ivy


At Lang & Ivy, we do not use natural plant ingredients in our formulations just because they are "naturally occurring". Oils and Butters extracted from plants contain powerful active ingredients and just as any synthetic chemical, they must be respected and chosen carefully. We research and analyze the chemical composition of natural oils, essential oils, butters, plant powders, clays and waxes. Each ingredient is then selected based on its components and its ability to solve a particular problem.

Our mission is to provide remedy based products to our clientele and we use science as the driving force behind all of our formulations

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Behind the scenes at Lang & Ivy: Age-defying serum in the making....

Meet The Founder

Mom of five, baking enthusiast, Science nerd and Amazon FBA seller, Gabrielle St-Cyr is the heartbeat behind the brand.


Earning degrees in Anatomy, Molecular Biology and Genetics at McGill University, Gabrielle had always planned to eventually obtain her Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences. But sometimes life takes an interesting turn! Once her first baby was born prematurely at a mere  27 weeks, her focus shifted to becoming a 24/7 mama bear.

We were advised by the Pediatric Pulmonologist to keep her out of any type of daycare settings. What we were dealing with was Chronic Lung Disease. Any little cold or flu would have easily landed her right back in the hospital. The choice was very easy for my husband and I to make. I like to say that I have Ph.D. in Child rearing ! ” - Gabrielle St-Cyr


Within the years that followed, four other children were added to the crew, creating a family full of laughter and mischief. Interestingly though, all five of the children developed eczema and food allergies. As a concerned mom, Gabrielle used many moisturizing creams suggested by the children's pediatrician to treat the eczema but became increasingly frustrated as the efficacy often wore off within hours leaving irritable kids with itchy bodies. The problem was that all of the creams were composed mostly of water with very little active ingredient. The creams were not enough to soothe sensitive problematic skin and it didn’t even matter if these creams were expensive, as they too were composed mostly of water.


In 2013, Gabrielle changed her mindset and switched to all natural plant oils and butters. With no added water or other additives diluting the products , she found these pure ingredients to be very potent and effective. Not only was she winning the battle against dryness, a common problem for those suffering with eczema, but she also saw a glow and suppleness on everyone’s skin. Using these natural ingredients became a way of life and soon she pushed further boundaries and developed all natural shampoo, diaper rash creams and even deodorant!


Fast forward to 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, her husband ,a frontline health care worker , complained of excessively dry chapped hands due to repeated washing and sterilization. What he requested was some sort of hand cream that was non greasy, protective, and deeply moisturizing with long-lasting effect. Gabrielle got to experimenting and leveraging her in-depth scientific knowledge gained during her university years, came up with an effective formula suitable to withstand a harsh work environment. Wanting to share the goodness of using all natural products with the rest of the health care team, Lang & Ivy was launched.

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