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The best natural oils for the face leave your skin glowing, grateful, and gorgeous.

  • Hydrate, sooth and nourish skin to promote radiance

  • Enhance texture, skin tone, overall appearance and quality of skin

  • Cleanses and promotes skin cell regeneration

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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Morning and/or night, apply 3-4 drops to palms and gently press and massage onto cleansed face and neck

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A Brief History of Beautifying Oils

Face oils are no flash-in-the-pan trend. Ancient Egyptians used face oils as a part of their beautifying routine. Archaeologists have discovered that the Egyptians used an array of plant-based oils on their skin, including sesame oil and olive oil, both believed to have been favored by Cleopatra herself.

Later, Greek physician Hippocrates experimented with hundreds of plant-based oils to determine their practical and healing properties. And the ancient Romans added body oils to their skincare regimen, including them in their massage and bathing routines.

Three thousand years ago, a holistic system of medicine was born in India. Its name, Ayurveda, means “the knowledge of life". The system, which emphasizes complete wellness, including mind, body, and spirit, uses herbal treatments and remedies. This includes all-natural body, hair, and face oils that promote health, balance, and harmony. 
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