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Clarifying - Rejuvenating -Tightening

Our botanical Ultra Clarifying  Face Toner is a gentle and effective way to clarify your skin and tighten pores. Infused with Chamomile, Honeysuckle and Cucumber, this soothing Witch Hazel blend is topped off with Tea Tree and Lemon oils to create a well-balanced , brightening toner that will nourish, cleanse and reduce inflammation.



Following cleansing, gently spray over entire face and neck.

Allow to dry or gently wipe with cotton pad. Do not rinse


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Premium Quality 

We're committed to bringing you premium products that we believe in. Our stock is carefully sourced and selected from like-minded 

producers with a passion for purity in luxury products, to bring you the best the market has to offer at prices you'll love.


At Lang & Ivy, we champion the benefits that plant-based ingredients bring. This is why, wherever possible, our skincare products are made using natural and organic ingredients that are free from unwanted synthetics.

Cruelty Free

We're animal lovers and we never test our products on them.

Made in Canada

Each of our products surpasses all Canadian quality and safety standards. 

What people are saying about us..

This toner is great! It smells amazing and did not ruin my skin like other toners have. I would 100% buy this when I finish what I have. I have really sensitive skin so I am so glad I received this to try.

★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.

— Jennaengelhardt7,


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